Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stage Fright

Dedicated to all my Pink Sisters who've already moved beyond the wings of stage 3 where I stand. There are many of them. I can't help thinking about them, and imagining what it would be like to stand in their place. 

Stage Fright

The doctors swear there's nothing
                beyond Stage 4.
Walk beyond the wings
                 on that far side
and you fall, endlessly, into emptiness.

You can't come back. The set door slams behind you.
Committed to your role, you stammer or declaim
blinded by nerves, desperate for direction.

Just play your part and go,
                the doctors say.
A painful pressure upon your back,
                the finger pointing
                                to the script

stage left




But as the dark velvet brushes your face
your last soft gasp of fear
                 and you tumble away flailing

the tattered script
                 torn from your numb hand

there it is

                 the spotlight
                                      seeking you

the play begins
                 upon Stage 5

the bright circle beckons
                 and surrounds you

you step
                 across the edges
                                   of yourself

across the tape
                 the line defining
                                   who you are

and there you are

light-limbed and limber
                 your friends
                                   tossing rosebuds upon the footlights

there you are
                 at last

embracing the stars


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